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The signal was given to begin the mass arrests of the dark cabal (Illuminati) on 6/27 and will take up to 72 hours. This will involve many members of our government and financial institutions.  Please listen to the radio feed for information on how you can be ready. UFO disclosure will come quickly after the temporary government is in place.  The ETs are here to help us usher in a “Golden Age” as predicted by the Mayans, Hopi, and Egyptians to happen in the year 2012. Don’t be frightened by these changes, these are the good guys. This is NOT the NWO and is not associated with the NDAA.

It’s time to let go of fear, resentment, hate, envy, jealously, anger, or any other negative fear based emotion. Some these emotions can be deeply rooted going back to childhood or even a past life. Practice forgiveness and embrace love and compassion.


The reason you have not heard of this is because our mass media and government are either part of the cabal or scared to report the truth out of fear of ridicule, death, or mass catastrophe. But you can find millions of sites on the Internet reporting these events. Please research this information for yourself.

Troops Moving Into Position to Begin Mass Arrests of Dark Cabal

Mass Arrests of Dark Cabal (Illuminati) Members Immanent

It was my goal to begin posting content at Level 1 and Level 2, and then once we have enough content we would begin posting at the other levels.  However, mass arrests are occurring a lot quicker than we expected.  We will try to get content up as quickly as possible across all levels as well the latest updates to current events.  Events will be happening quickly and it’s our goal to offer a place that people can go to get answers.  There are many other places as well that you get information from which we will be adding links to in our Link Library.

Insider Drake Gives Update on Illuminati Mass Arrests

It’s being reported that troops are moving into position to begin the mass arrests of the Dark Cabal however, this is only the beginning.  There will be many changes coming such as changes to our financial system, abolishing the IRS, and creating an international currency.  This might all sound like the NWO (New World Order) or Illuminati are taking over however, the NWO are actually the people getting arrested.

Drake stated, after the criminal arrests occur, there will be enough money to pay off all debt around the world and still have a large amount of money left over.  This plan has been in place for over 20 years and all the states as well as other countries are involved.  From their tone it sounds like these changes are coming very soon.  I asked a psychic friend of mine as well if she was seeing anything significant happening on the horizon.  She described events taking place much like this article describes.  She also stated that this will happening in the coming weeks and not months.  One last thing to note is that she said that “they” are here on earth now and that she can feel them.  More on that in future articles…

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