The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth | Dolores Cannon

Are Extra Terrestrials Among Us?

The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New EarthDolores Cannon says there are and explains how after 20 years of conducting deep trance hypnosis and past life regression therapy, she began to see a pattern in some of her clients; they did not have a past life from earth and had never been here before. These clients came from other star systems in the our universe. She developed a theory she calls “The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth” and has written a book about it by the same title.

She uses a special technique of deep trance hypnosis she calls “Quantum Hypnosis” or “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT)” which taps into a state described as the superconscious or collective consciousness. Many hypnotherapist stay away from this area because they say “weird things happen” in this state. Weird things like being able to predict future events, healing the body almost instantly, or talking to ETs. In addition, you can start converse with one client in Arizona and pick up the same conversation with a new client in China exactly where they left off supporting the theory that many Quantum Physicists now believe that there is a collective consciousness.

The Prime Directive

Dolores’s theory states that extra terrestrials, who have watched over us for many years and monitoring our progress, became concerned when we developed nuclear technology because were not responsible enough to handle this technology yet. The challenge for them was that they cannot interfere with a civilization until they evolve enough spiritually to stop their activity. This is also known as the “prime directive” which ironically is exactly like Star Trek. It’s also interesting to note that the template for Star Trek was actually created by a focus group who channelled extra terrestrials. Dolores called the group of ETs watching over earth “The Keepers of the Garden” but they refer to themselves as members of the Galactic Federation (also like Star Trek).

A Call For Volunteers

What we on Earth didn’t know is that nuclear explosions not only affect the Earth but they cause a ripple effect throughout the galaxy, universe, and even other dimensions. It seemed that the only option was that humans on Earth would need to be destroyed to protect the universe (the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few). Instead a plan was devised to adhere to the prime directive and that was to send in enlightened souls or angels to earth to raise Earth’s vibration and rid it of its virus (the dark cabal / Illuminati) in order to keep a nuclear war from occurring. So the call went out to every star nation for volunteers.

Three Waves of Volunteers

These volunteers would be sent in through the normal incarnation process, working in conjunction with angels. This would mean that they would also have the same block that keeps us from feeling our direct connection to god, duality, and hinders development of our natural psychic abilities. Most other star nations in the universe don’t live in duality but live in a state of love and light. By doing this they effectively found a loop-hole in the prime directive. The volunteers came in three waves starting soon after the nuclear bombing of Japan.

The Shift

The first wave sent is now about 50 to 60 years old and the last wave is in their 20’s. These people are usually intuitively gifted, enlightened, intelligent, and/or high energy. Most will not become aware they are extra terrestrials or develop their psychic abilities until they get closer to the year 2012 which is when the shift will occur. The surge of energy produced by the galactic alignment will cause them to become aware or awakened. Once awakened, these volunteers would work to help raise the vibration of earth to one of love and light. Once 3% of the earth’s population raises their vibration, a snowball effect will cause a shift in the entire collective consciousness to one of peace, love, and light (100th monkey theory).

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